Welcome! I am a post-doctoral researcher at the Institut de Physique Théorique in Paris, where I work on problems at the interface of statistical physics and information processing in the group of Lenka Zdeborová.

On this site, you will find an introduction to my research interests below, a full list of my publications, an overview over my teaching and outreach activities and a brief CV.

Videos & news coverage

Video abstract: Thermodynamic Efficiency of learning a rule with neural networks

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  • Or have a look at a short news article on Phys.org about our PRL on the stochastic thermodynamics of Learning.

Research Interests

I am interested in understanding how to process large amounts of information efficiently.

One focus of my research is understanding what makes information processing in living organisms so efficient — after all, a human brain might not be behind the best Go player in the world anymore, but it still beats any supercomputer in terms of power consumption and efficiency by a few orders of magnitude.

Another theme of my work is to tackle challenging problems in learning and inference by turning concepts from the statistical physics of complex systems into algorithms.

Brief CV