Teaching & Outreach


During the last few years, I have been involved with the Deutsche SchülerAkademie, a 16-day long summer school for particularly motivated and talented students aged 17/18 in Germany. I first taught courses on special relativity and biochemistry & ethics and am now serving as one of its directors, where I lead one of the schools. I cannot recommend this experience highly enough!

Teaching experience

  • I gave selected lectures on classical dynamics, electrodynamics and statistical physics for undergraduate courses in theoretical physics (principal lecturer: Prof. Udo Seifert)
  • I have given example classes and co-wrote example sheets for courses in theoretical physics given by Prof. Udo Seifert at the University of Stuttgart:
    • Statistical Mechanics (B.Sc., 2014 – 2017)
    • Advanced Statistical Mechanics (M.Sc., 2015)
    • Classical Mechanics (B.SC., 2016)
    • Electrodynamics (B.Sc., 2016)
  • I co-supervised one B.Sc. thesis and one M.Sc. thesis in statistical physics in Stuttgart at the Institute of Prof. Seifert, which were full-time research projects that lasted four and twelve months, respectively.